Most lodges within the district admit visitors at 8:00pm on regular meeting days, with installations being at 7:15pm. Lodges meeting on a weekend day, generally admit visitors at 3:15pm.

No. Name Area Meeting Day Lodge Website
591 UNION OF ATHOLE LODGE Kimberley 3rd Mon.  
738 THE PILGRIM Lydenburg 3rd Sat.  
744 GOLDEN THISTLE Rewlatch 4th Thur.  
794 MIDDELBURG UNITED Middleburg 4th Tues.  
799 DOUGLAS SMC Germiston 2nd Wed.  
804 LODGE GORDON Rewlatch 3rd Wed.  
847 LODGE NIGEL Nigel 3rd Tues.  
865 ROODEPOORT CALEDONIAN Roodepoort Masonic Centre 2nd Thur.  
886 OPHIRTON SMC Germison 1st Wed.  
942 THISTLE Bloemfontein 3rd Tues.  
954 ST ANDREW SMC Germiston 3rd Thur.  
973 SCOTIA Virginia 2nd Sat.  
979 RANDFONTEIN Roodepoort Masonic Centre 1st Thur.  
980 ALPHA CRUCIS Rewlatch 2nd Wed.  
982 BRIXTON LODGE Orange Grove 3rd Tues. Visit
1006 UNITY Pretoria 3rd Thur.  
1007 TRANSVAAL VOLUNTEER Orange Grove 3rd Fri.  
1019 BLYDE Pilgrim’s Rest 4th Sat.  
1092 FLORIDA Roodepoort Masonic Centre 3rd Mon.  
1093 EAST RAND SCOTS SMC Germiston 1st Sat. Visit
1113 BRAKPAN Brakpan 2nd Thur.  
1250 BLOEMHOF-FONTEIN Klerksdorp 3rd Tues.  
1301 SABIE Nelspruit 3rd Sat.  
1402 NELSPRUIT UNITED Nelspruit 1st Sat.  
1442 ATHOL CERT Boksburg 1st Thur.  
1447 PYTHAGORAS Orange Grove 3rd Wed.  
1469 BRAEMAR Rewlatch 4th Mon.  
1482 KEMPTON SMC Germiston 2nd Thur. Visit
1485 SOMAH HERBER Park Lane 4th Wed.  
1501 PIET RETIEF Vereeniging 2nd Wed.  
1514 JAKARANDA Naboomspruit 1st Wed.  
1521 UNISON Carltonville 2nd Mon.  
1537 ORPHEUS Pretoria 4th Tues.  
1548 ARGYLL Roodepoort Masonic Centre 4th Wed.  
1556 TURFFONTEIN Rewlatch 1st Wed.  
1603 ORANJE Bloemfontein 4th Wed. Visit
1607 CAXTON Orange Grove 3rd Wed.  
1638 LIME ACRES Lime Acres 2nd Tues.  
1655 SOUND MEMORY Rewlatch 2nd Mon. Visit
1745 THE CENTURY LODGE OF RESEARCH SMC Germiston 5th Tues.  
1749 PEGLERAE Rustenburg 2nd Thur.  
1760 ENERGY Secunda 1st Mon.  
1768 HERODOM SMC Germiston 2nd Tues.  
1802 ALBA GU BRATH SMC Germiston 2nd Fri.